Uncommon Gmail Features


Gmail is popular amongst people, especially on students as they rely heavily on it. But only a few people know how to utilize it to its full potential and use efficiently. There are specific features in Gmail that helps you in any way possible such as retracting your message, the ability to emphasize specific messages to your liking, and many more features you could use that you may not know. Learning about these features could help save time and improve your e-mailing life!

E-mails are perhaps one of the most common features in our life and Gmail is one of the most popular e-mail services in the internet world nowadays. We use e-mails in our daily transactions, but we know very little of the less popular features of Gmail. Below are some of those less favorite features that you should know.

Disable the unnecessary tabs

The moment you open your inbox, you can see the tabs located above your e-mails. They are categorized into primary, social, promotions, updates, and forums. This is a really handy and convenient feature of Gmail, but did you know that there is actually a way for you to disable them? Go to settings, and under the Inbox section, you can uncheck the categories so that you could hide them. You could even hide the starred or highlighted messages!

Shortcuts for easier navigation

We often use shortcuts in many applications, and Gmail is no exemption for that. They make our lives easier and makes e-mailing convenient such as composing another e-mail, formatting your text, going through your inbox, and many more shortcuts for your convenience. To enable this, head to settings and under the general section, turn on the keyboard shortcuts. A list of the shortcut is provided under this part.

Filter the senders

We often find annoying e-mails in our inbox that makes us detest the sender so much that we would want to block them. Tired of receiving emails from a specific e-mail address? You could block those annoying e-mail addresses! Just open any message you got from this e-mail address and under the option “More” you can select to block the user. You can see the list of blocked users if you go to settings and head to the “Filters and Blocked Addresses” section.

Stars for your significant e-mails

This is one of the more common features in this list. Many people know about this, but only a few people know that you could actually change the colors! If you want to categorize your e-mails according to their function or their importance, you may want to see this feature. Head to settings and look for the “Stars” option in which you could choose from a wide variety of colors and icons. It is also possible to use different colors with different symbols at the same moment to find all the highlighted letters rapidly.

Suspend the sent E-mails

There is actually a way for you to delete your message in Gmail. For you to unsend an e-mail, just go to settings and find the “Enable Undo Send” option where you could choose to change the cancellation period from five to thirty seconds. This is a very convenient feature because it would save you the trouble of sending e-mails that are embarrassing and full of errors. Just take note that after the selected period, you can’t take back the message.

Multiple accounts

If you have many e-mails or accounts, you could combine all of them in a single app. It is possible for you to merge different accounts so that it would be convenient for anyone with multiple accounts. Head to settings and under “Accounts and Import” you can add another Gmail address and even an e-mail address from another e-mail service!

Use “Fast Replies” function

If you’re having a lazy day, maybe this next feature is for you. Smart Reply is a feature in Gmail in which the system gives you options of short and straightforward replies created by modern technology. It gives you three options and through analyzing your e-mail history and appropriately generate a message for you to use. Just switch it on the settings and let the technology do the magic.

There you have the features of Gmail that are hidden from plain sight and common knowledge. Make sure to know these features since e-mailing is now a part of our daily lives and Gmail is a necessity nowadays. Surf the Gmail like a pro!