Tips on Saving Cost When Buying Tech


People, even the tech-savvy ones, usually take so much time when deciding to buy new tech. Some even choose the cheaper one, usually unconsciously sacrificing its quality. Nowadays, the latest updates and products come out at least every few months, and with this, one should always try to get the best option without forsaking quality.

Buying new tech can be very costly and expensive, but there are still ways to save money but even have the best possible quality. Below are the ten tech shopping tips that we’ve created to help you with your shopping decision


If you are an avid patron of a particular tech brand or a company, they usually have newsletters in which you can keep yourself up to date to their deals and promotions. Signing up for their newsletter will help you not miss out on their newest products, or better yet, you can even have discounts on their products.

Online Shops vs. Retail Shops.

Shop according to your needs and convenience. If you need a tech item in the soonest possible time, you can have it cheaper if you buy it in a retail store than ordering it online since fast shipping would cost you more, and free shipping would make the delivery last for at least a week.

If you want to buy a tech at your convenience, buying it at a retail store might be the option for you. This way, you can compare the price at online stores and see which one has the better deal.

Don’t Keep Your Old Devices.

Whenever you decide to purchase a brand new phone or any gadget, you should make it a decision to sell your previous one first. Keeping your old one would pretty much make it more than useless that it already is, and throwing it away would be a stupid idea. Also, you can generate a nice amount of cash from your old devices, and use this when buying a new one. 

On Digital Cables.

One of the most expensive things to purchase along with your tech devices is its digital cables. When they get unusable and damaged, they still cost you a fortune if you buy them from their official stores. However, knockoff and other branded cables offer the same uses and durability.

Stop upgrading.

Companies that sell technology take advantage of consumer behavior. They know that people like to have the latest technology no matter what, that’s why they usually produce new products with small upgrades. Worse, sometimes these upgrades are almost insignificant, making the price absurd.

It’s advantageous and smart in your part if you compare your the tech that you have right now with the newly released ones in deciding whether to buy it or not.

Subscribe to Online Discussions about Technology.

Just like subscribing to newsletters, it would be helpful for you to subscribe and engage with people in social media platforms who are discussing the latest technology. This way, you will gain a subjective or even objective perspective from other users based on their experience with the tech that they have.

Be patient.

It might also be the best option to wait out for the best time for you to buy another gadget or device. Usually, companies release the best deals and promotions at a specific time or season during the year. For example, a lot of stores give out discounts and gift cards during the Christmas holidays. This way, you don’t only get the best tech, you can also save up a lot of costs.

Price Doesn’t Always Guarantee Quality.

Usually, the price has no direct relationship with quality, and you often pay for the brand name instead of its features and quality. You should make it a habit of researching on the similar product and seeing if you can find a better and cheaper product from a brand that actually offers you a reasonable price for a really good product.

Extended Warranty is Unnecessary.

It has been observed that purchasing extended warranties are often wasted. Usually, they cost you more than actually having your device repaired if you, unfortunately, have it damaged. If you follow this advice,  it will save you a lot more money if you choose not to extend that warranty.

Buy used products

When buying used products, you also have to take extra measures in making sure that you are purchasing it from a trusted source. Aside from that, you should also research the device that you are buying it at a good deal to help you save a lot of money.

With these few tips, you can help yourself have the best tech that best suits your needs while also saving a decent amount of money.