The Importance of Upload Speed


Most of today’s Internet providers advertise the download speed that their company can offer, which has the unit of megabits or Mbps. Consumers and producers have regarded this unit as the most important since one of an internet user’s highest priorities include music browsing, movie streaming, downloading, and surfing the net.

However, upload speed also comes in great importance especially today since there is increased usage of operations and applications that include data backup, file storage, video and audio upload, and cloud-based services.

Upload and Download Speed

When information is requested to be sent, it waits to be acknowledged, and when it gets confirmed, a larger amount of data is sent back. This primary process continues unless there is an interference or error.

Knowing this basic process will give you an insight into the relationship between download and upload speeds. Download speed adjusts to the optimum to match the upload speed.

Importance of Upload Speed

As files started to grow in size, acceleration in file transfer also started to gain more influence. This is the reason behind traditional file transfer methods becoming obsolete. With this, the development of file transfer acceleration has helped us in ways that we are now able to download files of huge size in just a few minutes instead of hours.

The importance of upload speed is highly significant since it affects your productivity and costs in instances that you’re uploading large files. Testing your upload speed can allow you to monitor its performance, and it would often give you results about upload speed and latency.


Latency can be regarded as the response time that’s measured in milliseconds. Latency and upload speed have an indirect relationship; therefore, whenever the latency goes down, the upload speed increases. The determining factor of latency includes server length or distance.

Shared Upload Speeds

Whenever multiple users share a single network, applications that are upload-intensive can present a big issue. This can be seen that a connection can easily lag if the upload bandwidth is too small.

It is important to consider having extra accommodation for continuous and simultaneous uploads to avoid having lag connections.

High Upload Speeds

Due to modern application requirements, we now have a higher demand on upload bandwidth than it was before. Having as much as 64kbps of upload and download bandwidth would give you a smooth service. Of course, it would differ from your needs.

For example, if you’re an online gamer, then having a reliable and efficient Internet speed should fit you best, and if you’re someone who rarely uses the Internet for bulk usage of data, then an adequate speed would suffice.

Acquiring a faster internet connection can be quite expensive, but settling for a slower and inefficient on can cause problems and inconvenience. Having to consider these things would give you the ease and convenience of having uninterrupted internet service.