Our Expertise

ITEC specialises in recruitment services for the New Zealand IT Industry. Our recruiters have a wide knowledge and understanding of the IT industry and what it requires from employees and companies. This knowledge makes us ideally qualified to match companies and employees for the best fit.

We work with companies that are professional, committed and treat their staff well. We don’t work with companies who are not above board on all counts when it comes to their staff. We work with candidates that are passionate, serious about doing good work, and willing to grow and learn. Working with time-wasters benefits neither of the parties involved. With these qualities, it is much easier to place the right candidate and company together.

All of our recruiters have spent time working in the IT industry and know exactly what it requires. They have insight into the structures, work and time requirements, special skills necessary, and the personality types that work well for each company that is a client. Through this knowledge, we gain the expertise to place candidates in positions where they will thrive and offer companies candidates that will do well with their structures, procedures, and environment.

Our team undergoes training and attends several workshops and seminars on recruiting and the IT industry every year. We believe in staying on top of new developments, changes in the industry, and labour and other laws. Knowing the industry makes it easier to prepare candidates for their future jobs and working environments.

Our expertise involves CV compilation, inside knowledge of the IT industry, precise knowledge of what each client company wants for their vacancies, and a full-proof process to prepare candidates for their applications and interviews.

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