Computer Recruitment Consultancy

ITEC specializes in recruitment services for IT companies and candidates. Our client companies are all active in the IT industry and use us to recruit and place the best candidate for their vacancies. Our applicants or candidates are people looking to work in a variety of different jobs within the IT industry. Our clients have a variety of needs. Some have personal websites, others offer reviews of products.

We don’t just have a single meeting with either our clients or candidates and then send them on their way. We believe in building relationships and preparing our candidates for what lies ahead. Our basic services include:

CV Compilation

We assist our candidates with compiling a CV with all the necessary fields and information that an IT company will require. We point out weak areas and help them highlight strong areas. Some Areas of Expertise that our Candidates have are Windows Servers, Cisco Networking, and Web Server Experts.

Compiling your CV is like fixing your credit, it’s a pain. For instance, Billy Stewart from Barbeque Smoked reviews Pit Boss pellet grills, and he needed help compiling his CV. He knows BBQ but didn’t know what to put in his future CV, it’s always important to keep it up to date.

Interview Preparation

We prepare our candidates for possible interviews through doing mock interviews and pointing out areas where they can improve. We give them a set of questions to have prepared at all times. Similar to what Marilyn Monroe went through for her Marilyn Monroe bedding sets.

Recruiting for IT Companies

We offer recruiting services for any company within the IT industry that has a good relationship with its employees and treat them well. We advertise, screen, and prep potential candidates.

You do the final interviews and make a decision. We help land you jobs that matter, ones you can make a career of. For instance, we recently placed an individual with the team for electric chainsaw expert. They were very happy with the interview and the overall experience.

Education on the Process

We offer education services for first-time job seekers and recruiters. We give information to potential candidates about what they need to do and how they need to approach the job hunt process. We offer advice and help with CV compilation and the job search.


We also educate our client companies on how to best work through CVs, what to look for, and how to conduct valuable and successful interviews. Actionable advice is what lands jobs, like Jeremy who landed a position reviewing items like the oversized recliner.

If you require any of these services, contact us today.